Saturday, December 19, 2009

& the winner for the giveaway #1....


(: WOOOOT! a private message will be sent!

Stay tuned for the upcomming giveaway #2.

***Sorry I couldn't get a screen shot of the winner on
it wouldn't let me, well I actually think it's cuz my 'PrtSc' button doesn't work ): ***

Monday, December 7, 2009


Your getting a chance to win a brand new, never opened REVLON NUDE ATTITUDE LIPSTICK
I think it's a limited edition? Maybe? Not sure, but whatever, it's free!! So go ahead and enter.
I will be shipping internationally, so all those people on the other side of the globe, heres your chance to get this!

-must be a subscribe to my youtube (XcuteC)
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-then comment on my giveaway video for this product & say "enter me" along with something fun/random or saying hi or anything, I'd like to read something different besides just "enter me" (: (the video is attatched to this post)
-and also if you win, you must give me your information so I can ship out.

ONE WINNER ONLY! And the winner will be picked randomly, if you don't win, other giveaways will be available to enter, so stay tuned! (:


Sunday, October 4, 2009

Stitch is cured!

Last week Stitch (my dog) messed up one of her foot when she was playing around. She jumped up and landed with her paw curled in. (any sense?) well anyway, she made a whimpering sound and it was super sad. She was limping and was super sensitive to everything that touhes her. We were hoping it would just sleep off but we realized it didn't so we took her straight to the vet. And got medication for her and everything and now shes as healthy as a horse! Heres a picture of stitch... A little background story of Stitch: She was rescued from the humane society. Shes now about 6 or 7 years old. Stitch is a border collie & german shepard mix. My brother and I named her stitch because my aunt's dog is named Lilo and at the time Stitch was the only name that sounded good. So we just did that name but my mom wanted to name her Happy, or Lucky. Stitch like barking (friendly barking), but she doesn't really get along with dogs much. She likes laying in small dark areas, and as I am typing this she is sitting next to me by a corner of my bed.. :D I love her! (: A lot of mermories with her especially her being our very first dog!

Since I'm showing Stitch I'll show you lexus (the other baby) (:
She looks hella big right? But she's not even a year old yet..Soon tho. So as you can tell Lexus is a germane shepard. She was supose to belong to my brother. But at the time he lived on the very top floor of an apartment and Lexus wasn't potty-trained yet and was still a puppy. He took care of her for 2 weeks and handed her over to us along with the $1500 bill that HE was supose to pay since he wanted the dog. Hah. So anyways. Her personality.... Shes big and clumsy. And lazy since she has a big body. Likes dogs & humans & super friendly. She doesn't bark often at all. She gets scared easily so we have to becareful cuz she will pee (even though shes potty-trained!) haha. Lexus has a habit of giving her paw all the time! Literally! When you tell her to sit, she'll sit and give her paw. lol.

Anyways, that's is for now. Hope this was fun? Turned out way longer than it was supose to...

Monday, September 14, 2009

a colorful look...

What I have for you today is a look I did earlier today... And I'm very suprised that I got the time to upload the video and edit it on the same day I recorded it, usually never happens I tell you!

So, the tutorial didn't come out the way I was hoping it would, mainly just the lighting was horrible. That's why I need to buy a camcorder for you guys. So I can make videos, I totally would seriously make a lot more videos if I had a better camera. Just having to use my horrible camera that I've dropped a gajillion times makes me depressed. lol. So buy my makeup you guys. LOL. It's going to my savings to buy a camcorder. (:

But anyways posted this video, cuzz it kind of shows my creative side a little. I don't show you this kind of stuff just cuz I have difficultys recording.. but I'm going to try to improve on making videos....Maybe I'll redo this one someday.. Maybe I'll do it when I get my camcorder...
Ahh! That'll be love! (:

OOTD Again...

Once again... OOTD again...
Here in the picture...(nothing special, but still looks cute/fun)
Well at least I think....
Shirt is a 'hollywood' shirt (from my schools homecomming theme from 2 years ago) that I cut to make it off the shoulderish..
And grey tank underneath...
And just jeans... Speaking of jeans, I need new ones. Lol. All my favorite ones don't look as cute to me anymore. Hah. (:
And last but not least, accessories...just a necklace. Kind of punkish/rockish? Got it from kohls, I think from the avril lavigne line or something? But super cute. Has a butterfly on it and random little stuff...