Saturday, December 19, 2009

& the winner for the giveaway #1....


(: WOOOOT! a private message will be sent!

Stay tuned for the upcomming giveaway #2.

***Sorry I couldn't get a screen shot of the winner on
it wouldn't let me, well I actually think it's cuz my 'PrtSc' button doesn't work ): ***

Monday, December 7, 2009


Your getting a chance to win a brand new, never opened REVLON NUDE ATTITUDE LIPSTICK
I think it's a limited edition? Maybe? Not sure, but whatever, it's free!! So go ahead and enter.
I will be shipping internationally, so all those people on the other side of the globe, heres your chance to get this!

-must be a subscribe to my youtube (XcuteC)
-must be a follower on my blog (this one)
-then comment on my giveaway video for this product & say "enter me" along with something fun/random or saying hi or anything, I'd like to read something different besides just "enter me" (: (the video is attatched to this post)
-and also if you win, you must give me your information so I can ship out.

ONE WINNER ONLY! And the winner will be picked randomly, if you don't win, other giveaways will be available to enter, so stay tuned! (: