Saturday, April 17, 2010

What did my bestie get?

just for a random post, here is a short video of my bestie opening her birthday present. (April 11, Sunday)-- So this was basically a week ago...


I find this so much easier to do that to find something to post about! LOL!
And letting you guys know ahead of time, I LOVE LEGGINGS. So you will probably see that a lot. but don't worry they are not the same pair! haha!

Thursday, April 15, 2010


I'll be doing OOTD (outfit of the day) posts on here..I find it a little pointless just posting a 2 minute video on YouTube.. So. They will most likly always be posted on here. Sometime i might just include it in the haul i'm doing at the time or whatever.. but if its just a 2 minute video, expect it to be on here...

Monday, April 12, 2010


i've actually planned on becoming a fruitarian! I love fruits, and thought i need a good detox. I was deff. inspired by lorraine (thecurrentcustom). I officially started today.. BUT i am not going straight out fruitarian. I'm MAINLY going to eat fruit, but a little of other stuff, but healthy foods. Like today, I had a jimmy john sandwich #3 (totally-tuna) and the rest of the day was fruits, consisting of strawberrys, pineapple, blueberries, watermelon, & bananas. Actually i did have a tall java chip at starbucks. But other than that it went pretty well...

Being a fruitaian deff is going to cost more, since fruit doesnt come cheap anymore. I do by the pre-cut ones just so i can save myself the hassle. which will obviously cost more tho... but i'm planning to just mainly do this for 2 weeks. so i can manage.. while i'm in the process of this detox, i'm hoping to get in better shape (as in feeling more capable of running, etc.), since the next 3 weeks in my gym class we will be doing intense running daily...

Monday, April 5, 2010


First thing that you need to know. I must really love a product(s) if I use it on a daily basis, especially for blush, & eyeshadows. Here are the love of my life for so many months!

NARS albatross- best highlighter! from the picture it looks white-ish, but really when applied it has a gorgeous gold sheen. I don't personally apply this anywhere else besides my cheek-bone. Just because I think if you apply it on the bridge of your nose, etc. it can look overly done. But as a highlight on your brow-bone is an exception.
STILA shade 01 bronzing powder- So far, it is the best bronzer I've yet to try. It doesn't make your look pink or orange or muddy. It also applies fairly matte.
L'OREALl voluminous waterproof mascara- I purchased this once awhile back in the normal formula, & i hated it. Re-purchased because of the raves on youtube and i got to say it is amazing! I use waterproof because my eyes get water-y and now mojority of the time I put it on my lower lash line. I do need to apply about 3-4+ coats for my desired length/darkness/volume. Well worth it!
MAC dainty mineralize blush- This is more pinkier than coral, but it does have a smige of coral. A light dusting of this looks amazing especially on my skintone!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Picture time?!

It's been a looooong ass time hasn't it? Yuhhhp.
I didn't forget about blogging. Not one bit. I just didn't know wat to blog about. I'm sure none of you guys wants to know too much of my boring life. Even though I'm planning to do a little update for why i'm away. and theres gunna be a real good reason this time.. but mean while. here are a few pictures of me and a few of my friends just the other day.
oh! by the way. i'm on spring break. but its gunna be boring since i have to basically work the whole week since i'm covering one of the shifts during this week. but thinking on the bright side, there no school, so that means no homework and no tests/quizes! (Latly i've been into photography, heads up... i'm not any good tho)

(one of my favs too! Hannah actually took this one of my sandals!)

(This is my favorite. Its a bird nest infront of my house. It even made their house with plastic trash! LOL)

Gotta give props to one of my bestie, Hannah who took a few of these pics that I posted!