Tuesday, May 25, 2010

SPF is bad

Today, while heading to school..
I was listening to the radio and they mentioned that researchers have found that SPF may actually increase your chance of cancer or at least "lead" you in that direction...especially the really high SPF lotions/sunscreen. Some even say ifs SPF 100 or something big, but really thats probably not good... I don't know the head on facts, but thats just the general overview of it. I find it quite shocking that we don't know what is exactly in the products we use on a daily basis. If you really think about it, it's kinda scary. I mean this isn't going to lead you to death-well at least we hope not- but we thought SPF was nothing but good...and look at the new info they released...

Monday, May 24, 2010


I can honestly say.....
i did NOTHING today. i was supose to work on my tests/finals review & my 3 projects that are due this thursday that i just got. but that turned out to be an epic fail. I can already feel myself giving up on school since I've got 7 more school days left....
but heres another picture of me with food... i feel like all my pics i post are about food. YUM! taco bell... i always get the steak taco from there..haha... what a fatass lillian... lol. hope you guys ae doing okay. and those who have finals still, well-goodluck! (:

Sunday, May 23, 2010


how are you guys?! My weekend was beyond superb. late nights with friends....
aahh.. i can feel summer comming!! speaking of summer, here in omaha, you can deff. feel the heat. /: blah. but i've gotten a bit tanner. thats a plus. BUT...
our AC (airconditioner) got broken! & it's beyond hot here. it's currently 88 degrees in the house.
So i'm heading downstairs after i post this post.
I gotta say i 'enjoy' the heat alot more than before. Before i was totally against the heat.
well i still do, but i can manage it more now...
OH! what sucks is that i dont get out of school til June 2nd. AHHH. my district sucks. they just wanna be the best and make us go to school a lot longer and the other district got out last week AND they go back to school like 2 weeks later than us too...
very unfair. it's not like we get much education towards the end of the year...
anywho.. since i like to end a post with pictures--heres one of me enjoying my philly. its obviously not "authentic". but still good. (:

Sunday, May 16, 2010


This was an outfit of the day a few days ago, and i only got around to posting this on my blog today. But if you watch my videos, you've seen it live. I changed it around this time and posted the video on my channel, but here's a picture...
-top is from the miley cyrus/max azria line from walmart
-yoga pants from PINK/victoria secret
-bracelet on your left if from express
-on the other hand i have a large bangle from dillards & 2 gold bangles from Forever21
-necklace is a lisa inspired 42 inch necklace my friend made.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

School day at home.

I didn't go to school today. Woke up at 3 pm, went to the dentist ungroomed at 4. Came back and ate my first meal of the day. A crossiant and OJ. I guess you could say the day was used wisely. (:

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


FINALLY! they are ready to be sent out! 9 packages are being sent to the post office tomorrow!!!!!! be ready bout next mid next week...

Saturday, May 8, 2010

the ending of my birthday night.

Last week was my birthday, May 3rd to be exact. (:
Didn't do much this year, but it was ok with me.
I took lots of pics toward the end of night. so i'm just gunna show you guys! :D

My parents knows how much i love fruits, ( i seriously have a wierd obsession with em') so they bought a BUTT LOAD! no joke, these are just a few my mom prepared for me. Buying like $60 worth of fruit was part of my present from my parents too! LOL.

This was a pic i took before we left my house to meet up my dad at the restaurant we were going to. This was like at 9:40. thought the sky looked pretty! (:

heres a pic of the inside of the restaurant we went to. its a little korean restaurant. called Korean King. LOVE this place! there was nobody there since it was like past 10. whenever we go out to eat on special occasions we always eat out late cuz we don't close OUR restaurant til 9:30-10 or so.

Yum. Tea(: don't remember what kind of tea but my mom told me its the kind that most Koreans drink... so those who are koreans probably know (:

Me & my madre (:

& my padre.. my brother wasnt there cuz he lives in a diff. city now..

heres me trying to get everyone in the shot... epic fail!!!

the side dishes! i seriously think we need more korean restaurants. they are all somewhat far away from the 'main' roads/places. I feel like this place is traditional and its just a different environment compared to other restaurants. once i start driving i'm going on trips to go here!

my dad got bi bim bop.
the 'red' sauce wasnt added yet btw.

gotta love rice(:

my mom and i got the same thing. i think its called Jjamppong. not sure tho..

i like to add rice to mine.

half way done.. and a better shot of the noodles. lol. i'm craving for this right now! (:

so heres a little post of my birthday night out with the rents. (:

Sunday, May 2, 2010

URBAN DECAY stereophonic 24/7 set

As promised in my haul video, which happened to be published on my birthday...
here are pictures & swatches for you.
Set can be purchased on sephora.com for $20!!!
which is an awesome deal i gotta say!
includes zero, underground, crash, gunmetal, midnight cowboy glitter liner.

L to R: zero, underground, crash, gunmetal, midnight cowboy glitter
deff. underground and crash.