Saturday, May 8, 2010

the ending of my birthday night.

Last week was my birthday, May 3rd to be exact. (:
Didn't do much this year, but it was ok with me.
I took lots of pics toward the end of night. so i'm just gunna show you guys! :D

My parents knows how much i love fruits, ( i seriously have a wierd obsession with em') so they bought a BUTT LOAD! no joke, these are just a few my mom prepared for me. Buying like $60 worth of fruit was part of my present from my parents too! LOL.

This was a pic i took before we left my house to meet up my dad at the restaurant we were going to. This was like at 9:40. thought the sky looked pretty! (:

heres a pic of the inside of the restaurant we went to. its a little korean restaurant. called Korean King. LOVE this place! there was nobody there since it was like past 10. whenever we go out to eat on special occasions we always eat out late cuz we don't close OUR restaurant til 9:30-10 or so.

Yum. Tea(: don't remember what kind of tea but my mom told me its the kind that most Koreans drink... so those who are koreans probably know (:

Me & my madre (:

& my padre.. my brother wasnt there cuz he lives in a diff. city now..

heres me trying to get everyone in the shot... epic fail!!!

the side dishes! i seriously think we need more korean restaurants. they are all somewhat far away from the 'main' roads/places. I feel like this place is traditional and its just a different environment compared to other restaurants. once i start driving i'm going on trips to go here!

my dad got bi bim bop.
the 'red' sauce wasnt added yet btw.

gotta love rice(:

my mom and i got the same thing. i think its called Jjamppong. not sure tho..

i like to add rice to mine.

half way done.. and a better shot of the noodles. lol. i'm craving for this right now! (:

so heres a little post of my birthday night out with the rents. (:


wingsinheaven5 said...

awww happy birthday! =] your parents are so cute! and you look gorgeous! =]

XcuteC said...

awh thanks! (: