Monday, September 14, 2009

a colorful look...

What I have for you today is a look I did earlier today... And I'm very suprised that I got the time to upload the video and edit it on the same day I recorded it, usually never happens I tell you!

So, the tutorial didn't come out the way I was hoping it would, mainly just the lighting was horrible. That's why I need to buy a camcorder for you guys. So I can make videos, I totally would seriously make a lot more videos if I had a better camera. Just having to use my horrible camera that I've dropped a gajillion times makes me depressed. lol. So buy my makeup you guys. LOL. It's going to my savings to buy a camcorder. (:

But anyways posted this video, cuzz it kind of shows my creative side a little. I don't show you this kind of stuff just cuz I have difficultys recording.. but I'm going to try to improve on making videos....Maybe I'll redo this one someday.. Maybe I'll do it when I get my camcorder...
Ahh! That'll be love! (:

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