Monday, April 5, 2010


First thing that you need to know. I must really love a product(s) if I use it on a daily basis, especially for blush, & eyeshadows. Here are the love of my life for so many months!

NARS albatross- best highlighter! from the picture it looks white-ish, but really when applied it has a gorgeous gold sheen. I don't personally apply this anywhere else besides my cheek-bone. Just because I think if you apply it on the bridge of your nose, etc. it can look overly done. But as a highlight on your brow-bone is an exception.
STILA shade 01 bronzing powder- So far, it is the best bronzer I've yet to try. It doesn't make your look pink or orange or muddy. It also applies fairly matte.
L'OREALl voluminous waterproof mascara- I purchased this once awhile back in the normal formula, & i hated it. Re-purchased because of the raves on youtube and i got to say it is amazing! I use waterproof because my eyes get water-y and now mojority of the time I put it on my lower lash line. I do need to apply about 3-4+ coats for my desired length/darkness/volume. Well worth it!
MAC dainty mineralize blush- This is more pinkier than coral, but it does have a smige of coral. A light dusting of this looks amazing especially on my skintone!

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