Friday, July 16, 2010

Selling jewlery?

Hey fellas(: So this post is about asking you guys out there if any one would be interested in some jewlery that I make. FIRST off, they are going to be quality jewlery, with quality beads, etc. Here a picture of some...I lovve accessories, especially bracelets, especially bracelets that are stretchy because you can just take it off and on quickly, unlike with the lobster claw clasps, etc. I can even get an inspired Lisa Taubes silver chain necklace,
that is quality and won't rust and you can polish it too..
It basically looks like the one thecurrentcustom sells... but the circle chain seems a tiny bit smaller.. and it would be a better deal.. hmm.. let me know what you guys think.. I really want to launch this kinda "business" cuz I would really enjoy it and working with my friend with this.. but let me know what you guys think.... & especially since i STILL can't get a job (sigh) this would be a little business for me (: lol

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