Thursday, July 29, 2010


Helloooo! So basically, I've been trying to record my July Favorites.. but it has been an epic fail so far. I actually recorded it last night again, but I haven't uploaded it yet to see if I like it, and I got a feeling that I won't. haha. I also need to do my July Collective Haul. Which I will have to make time for since I got a .... JJOB!! :) woot. So I just started not to long ago, did my interview just last week.. I've got work tomorrow again at 8am. really early! I have to wake up at 6:30.. as if I had to school basically.. until 3pm. which is kinda like school hours.. speaking of school.. it starts in a few weeks! GAJFGJAG ): not excited what so ever.. but anywho, we are still trying to sell our house, we've got a few open houses tomorrow and an open house sunday.. My tooth broke (i had a root canal, and now my new dentist is deciding to put a crown on it now, but its a 2 time appointment) so basically, I just ate something hard on that tooth, which wasn't gunna be done until next week, and the tooth broke. So I went straight to the dentist and now I have a silver tooth! LOL
<--- and I know you like that picture :)

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