Tuesday, August 10, 2010

keeping up with thee asian

Hello everyone (: Heres a bit of an update on me myself and i. So today I made a few videos, even a follow me around video- it's probably gunna go on my xcutec account though.

School starts thursday. Freshmans starts tomorrow, which would suck if i was them haha. summer really did fly by. /: Sad, isn't it? On top of that I work almost everyday but 2 days. It's good having a reliable income every week, but who does like to work? Not me! I've been loving sushi a lot this week, more like craving it. As you can see in the picture. :P my brother brought over some from Kona grill (I also had a BUNCH the night before!) Anywho.. I'm getting ready for back to school. I got a manicure today, tomorrow before work I'm gunna get a pedicure with a friend. If only I had more money to spend on "back to school" clothes. but on the bright side i get paid the day after school starts, so I can get new clothes :) anywho. I'm tired, and have been slacking on the videos, but I'm sure no one really cares too much. But I'm not sure when I will post the videos I recorded today.. maybe tonight I will some, but Its a really long process.. wish my luck. (:

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