Friday, October 8, 2010


Hey fellas (: Once again... I'm hosting a blog sale!
1. U.S. only
2. Paypal only
3. immediate transaction, serious buyers only!!
4. all sales are final
5. shipping is $3.50 (tracking # included, everything will be shipped out within a week or so. I will post a post)
6. leave a comment with your paypal of wha you want. make sure your invoice is comming from my email:

^^MAC so ceylon (left)- $18, MAC sunny by nature (right)- $15

^^ MAC spaced out blush- SOLD!

^^Lancome mademoiselle Sass quad (swatched only!)- $15

^^MAC 129se (special edition) brush- $16

^^Lot of nailpolishes: ****I AM NOT SELLING INDIVIDUALLY- $35 FOR ALL!
1. Victoria Secret skinny dip
2. China Glaze solar power
3. MAC abstract
4. Essie pink is the link
5. China Glaze emerald sparkle
6. China Glaze in awe of amber
7. China Glaze blue sparrow
8. Sinful Colors cloud 9
9. China Glaze V
10. OPI sand in my suit
11. OPI blue my mind

^^MAC greasepaint stick (black with reflects pink/purple)- $11

^^MAC shimmersand shadestick- $11


Dani said...

I would like to purchase ^^ MAC spaced out blush- $19. My paypal is Thanks.

TheeeAsian said...

invoice sent:)
thanks and i should be sending out at the end of next week

Clara said...

What are the top two items?

fatima said...

MAC sunny by nature (right)- $15

TheeeAsian said...

so ceylon msf and sunny by nature msf. the picture underneath it is the side view

TheeeAsian said...

invoice sent!

LovesBeautynMakeup said...

Do you still have the 2 MSF's left?

TheeeAsian said...

I still have the sunny by nature

LovesBeautynMakeup said...

How many times has it been used hun? Would you go any lower? :/

TheeeAsian said...

Prices are set as is.

chong said...

do u still have sunny by nature msf?

TheeeAsian said...

yes i do. you still interested?